What is a CFI anyway?

A CFI (Child & Family Investigator) is appointed by a judge to investigate and make recommendations about contested issues in a family court case.  The CFI’s role is as an investigative arm of the court and is specifically investigating the best interests of the child or children involved.  Although the CFI performs the investigation and makes a recommendation in a written report, it is always the judge who decides what the actual court orders will be.  The CFI may be called as an expert to testify about her report and recommendations.  The CFI’s fees may be allocated by the court to one or both parties in the case or, if a party meets financial guidelines, the state may pay all or a portion of the CFI’s fee – if the CFI accepts state-pay cases.  Once the CFI is appointed, s/he should provide you with intake forms to fill out which will allow the CFI to gather important information relevant to the investigation.  It is a good idea to cooperate with the CFI so that the investigation can happen quickly and go smoothly without the need for additional conferences with the judge or attorneys.

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