Try to settle if you can…

Even after you’ve become entangled in custody related litigation, you can discuss with your attorney (or if you’re pro se, with opposing counsel) the possibility of settlement as opposed to going to trial.  If a CFI (Child and Family Investigator) is appointed in your case, the written report may be a good tool to use when discussing possible ways to compromise or come to agreement about contested issues.  Ongoing litigation and battles in court may have a negative and/or harmful impact on your kids (and wallet!).  When parents are able to prioritize their children’s needs and come to settlement discussions with an open mind instead of holding on to an extreme or inflexible position, parents are able to make better, more rational decisions for their kids.  This is an important indicator that co-parenting will soon become a success for parents.  Attorneys and judges recognize that many parties get easily caught up with “winning” but the parent’s focus should not be on “winning” or “losing” in court.  It should be on the kids, what’s best for them now and in the foreseeable future.

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