How can a CFI help me?

Do you really want someone appointed by the judge in your divorce case to stick their nose in your family business?  Your first response is most likely, “No”.  However, a Child & Family Investigator (CFI) will put the focus back on your kids.  And focusing on them is what is most important in the long run.  Custody battles can get seriously ugly – not to mention expensive – and having a neutral professional learn about what the family history is and what the current issues and disputes are will help facilitate a solution to the disagreements in your case. And that’s good news for both mom and dad.  Because the CFI’s focus is on your children, she will learn about who they are, learn about what is important to them, what their needs are and listen to their comments and answer questions.  The CFI’s recommendations will help the judge make important decisions about the kids as your family restructures.

About Gabriela Sandoval

Child Injury Attorney, Child & Family Investigator and Board Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist