The CFI Process

Although all attorney Child & Family Investigators (CFIs) in the state of Colorado are bound by the same set of directives and standards, each has her own unique approach.  I have worked with many families struggling with high-conflict relationships and other various issues.  My goal as the CFI in your family law case is to learn about your family and unique circumstances as well as identify your child’s needs.  I must look to the Judge’s CFI Appointment Order for direction with regard to my investigation.  My approach in working with your family is to learn about the history and current conflicts at issue.  I will seek the information I need with compassion and work to draft a practical recommendation that I believe will be in the best interests of your child.  Initially, I will provide each parent with some forms for review and completion.  I will then meet each parent in my office and we will discuss you, your spouse and your child.  We will go over the issues that need resolution.   After our initial meeting, I will set a time to meet your child in your home.  Throughout the investigation, I will be gathering collateral information from other people who know you and your family.  Once the investigation is complete, I will provide my written report and recommendations to each parent, their attorneys and the judge.  I may be called to testify in your case.  To learn more about me and my CFI practice, check out my other blog posts and browse through my website.  I’m happy to answer your questions so don’t hesitate to contact me.

About Gabriela Sandoval

Child Injury Attorney, Child & Family Investigator and Board Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist