‘Tis The Season

The holidays are supposed to be a time with family and friends, for reflection and cheer.  It’s a great opportunity to create new traditions or re-live your favorite ones.  Don’t put your kids in the middle of your battle over where they are going to spend the holidays — it will likely leave an unintended but very real emotional scar.  Make this a joyful time for your children!  Be a responsible role model for the kids and remember what is really important.  If your kids are mature enough, talk with them and don’t forget to really listen!  Ask about their ideal holiday and within reason, do your best to accommodate requests to visit with other family members now, if appropriate, or for holidays in the future.   Create holiday arrangements that are kid- focused, not a tug-of-war between parents.  A thoughtful parent who facilitates warm holiday memories is the best gift you can give your kids this year!  Happy holidays.

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