Autism Spectrum Disorder

The number of kids diagnosed with Autism has been on the rise at a very high rate.  If you are a parent going through a divorce or separation AND you have a child on the spectrum, I would guess your stress level is at an all time high.  Know this: There is a light at the end of the tunnel!  Perhaps you just learned of the diagnosis or maybe you have a lot of experience accommodating your child’s special needs and have been doing so for years.  Every child  on the Autism Spectrum is unique and it is critical that you team up with professionals who support your child.  Every child has different symptoms, limitations and sensitivities that must be identified.  A child may be very low or very high functioning.  A variety of sensory issues may seriously disturb your child including noise or touch and it is also likely that there are physical discomforts that affect your child which may contribute to poor behavior or  cause distress.  When a child doesn’t have the ability to communicate, it makes for a very exhausting guessing game.  It has been shown that early intervention is key.  These children need the opportunity to learn how to better function and socialize.  Parents must become active in their pursuits and navigate a variety of systems that offer accommodations, advice and services.  Parents need support from mentors — those who have been down the same road.  These parents, these children, are not alone.  Special therapies, change in diet, supplementation, engagement in social groups, an established routine and sometimes, medication can have a tremendous positive effect on your child and everyone’s quality of life.  When only one parent is on board however, it becomes a much more difficult journey indeed.  When parents disagree as to what their child’s needs are, what parenting time should be or who is more available or better equipped to meet their child’s special needs,  a Child & Family Investigator (CFI) with familiarity of sensory issues or training and education can be helpful in your family law case.  Contact Gabriela Sandoval to learn more about her recent education in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD.

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