Balancing Act: Working Parents

A good work/life balance is important for you and your children.  Sometimes that is easier said than done!  It is important to model responsibility, living within your family budget, making compromises when necessary and demonstrating a healthy work ethic.  You want your children to demonstrate appropriate behaviors (safe/healthy limit testing/rebellion is natural), develop motivation to earn good grades and take advantage of opportunities, extracurricular activities and age-appropriate part-time employment.  These experiences will likely lead to a sense of achievement in your child and build their self-confidence.  It can also lead to goal setting and motivation to accomplish their goals.  At the same time, it is critical for you to make quality time with each child because it is your relationship with them that has a direct correlation to how well adjusted they are now and later in life.  Without a meaningful relationship with you, your child suffers.  They might demonstrate suffering by acting out, shutting down, having problems at school with attendance or behaviors, problems engaging appropriately with peers and/or authority figures.  Children’s feelings of closeness with each parent is important and has been shown to be a critical factor for healthy social/emotional development.  Make time for building a closer relationship with your child.  Talk with them.  Listen to them.  Go places together.  Keep up with their interests and foster them in a healthy way.  Identify their strengths and help them to overcome their challenges by thinking of effective solutions together.  Parenting takes patience, investment, commitment and consistency.  Don’t forget to make time for yourself too — nurturing your own health and social calendar can help you re-charge your batteries and is an important ingredient in a healthy work/life balance!

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