Rants and Raves


People walking around staring at their cell phones, completely unaware of the live people and action around them (myself included as I sit here blogging in the airport).

Fast Food.

Unnecessary C-Sections and medicated births.


“Educational” Television Programming for kids.


Parents who limit their own “screen time” in front of their children.  Limit the time you spend staring at your phone, iPad, Xoom and TV — it’s good for you and super important for the kiddies.

Parents who ensure their little ones eat foods full of nutrients at every meal.  Healthy food is critical to developing bodies and minds — do not underestimate the impact of nutritious food on your child’s overall functioning.

Mamas and Papas who thoroughly investigate their birthing options from a variety of sources including Birth Centers, Hospitals, Home Birth, OBGYNs, Nurse Midwives, MDs, Family and Friends.  It is each parent’s right and responsibility to understand the risks associated with medicated and UN-medicated birth.

Props to nursing mamas!  Don’t get me wrong, baby has to eat but there are way too many mamas and papas who do not fully understand the amazing and varied benefits of mother’s milk.  In the order from best: Nursing, Pumping and bottle feeding, Donor Milk, Formula.

Parents who ban T.V. for the first few years of life are giving their child a great advantage.  Children learn and develop through exploration, interaction and play.  Talk to your kiddie, sing to him, read to him and play with him.  Wait to introduce your child to T.V. and movies — I promise, you won’t be sorry (but you will be more exhausted!).

Thanks for reading my Rants and Raves.  I’d love to read yours!  gns@denvercfi.info

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