Parenting Coordinator (PC) or Decision Maker (DM)

Gabriela Sandoval has recently added Parenting Coordination (“PC”) and Decision Making (“DM”) to her practice. Once an order as to parental responsibilities is in effect, a neutral party may be appointed by the Court (or agreed upon by parties) to assist in resolving disputes that arise between parents about carrying out the parenting plan.  This neutral party, the Parenting Coordinator, has duties to each parent in carrying out her role and while she does offer advice, she cannot make a final decision or require parents to agree with any recommendation.

A Parenting Coordinator can be very helpful for parents who are at odds as to the interpretation of their parenting plan.  She may suggest resources for parents, create guidelines for effective and healthy communication and assist in identifying the root cause of the dispute while offering ideas for resolution for parties to consider.  The Parenting Coordinator is a cost effective way to try and resolve disputes about the parenting plan and parents may also have an idea of what issues would be important for the judge to consider if parties choose to litigate about their disagreement.

The court may appoint a Decision Maker (DM) with the authority to resolve disputes between the parties that arise after orders are entered and as to the children involved.  The Decision Maker has the authority to determine the best course of action in the children’s best interests.  The Decision Maker will clarify language of the order or parenting plan and make decisions consistent with the order of the Court.

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