Colorado Animal Lawyer and Pet Mediator

Mediation is a very attractive alternative to pet and other animal litigation.  Litigation is costly and time consuming and mediation offers disputing parties an opportunity to work with a professional neutral who will facilitate a safe environment, confidential discussion and assist in focusing self-determined parties on understanding each others interests.  During your pet or animal related mediation, Gabriela Sandoval will encourage you to generate and evaluate all of your possible options for resolution.  Creativity is encouraged.  Unlike a judge, pet mediator Gabriela Sandoval cannot force a decision upon you and the rules related to trial practice do not apply.  Disputing parties are focused on discovering their own solutions based upon their own unique needs. Whether you are disputing pet custody in a divorce, dangerous dog allegations, allegations of professional negligence or veterinary malpractice or compensation and redress for death or injury to an animal, pet animal mediation may be the answer.  Call Animal Lawyer and Pet Mediator Gabriela Sandoval for more information or to schedule your pet mediation intake.

About Gabriela Sandoval

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