So-called “No Kill” Agenda in Colorado: Slowly Killing Anyway

The April CLAW Caucus will focus on the Colorado No-Kill Pet Animal Act ballot initiative, which may be on the ballot this November.  Come to the State Capitol (RM 112) this Thurs. April 17, 2014 from 12-1:30.

Things are heating up regarding shelter animals and the misleading “no kill” debate.  Proponents of this “no kill” policy surely have their hearts in the right place—they want to save animals.  Believe it or not, so do the opponents.  The main difference is that proponents of this agenda ignore some very important realities.  The first reality is that there exists a tremendous overpopulation of cats and dogs in our state.  Ignoring that fact is shortsighted, irresponsible and naive.  As it stands, shelters are already busting at the seams and burdening them by prohibiting humane euthanasia for animals languishing physically and emotionally in cages would only add to this heavy burden.  When these “no kill” shelters turn unadoptable animals away, they are only prolonging the inevitable, not fixing the problem.  If these “no kill” shelters accept every single animal brought to them (they don’t) these animals are warehoused for months or years, their quality of life plummeting, to a cruel degree.  Sometimes we have to do things we don’t like or want to do because in the end, it’s the best option available.  I do hope this is not always the case.  Until people stop purchasing cats and dogs from breeders and pet stores and every cat and dog has a responsible owner, we won’t be anywhere near a truly No Kill community.  Maybe the proponents and opponents of this issue cease with the friendly fire and instead partner together to prevent unwanted domestic animals in the first place.  A real and effective solution to this problem will be multifaceted and will actively engage the many people and organizations who work with animals.  Simply prohibiting shelters from humanely euthanizing unwanted cats and dogs is not the answer.


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