Animal Advocacy

Pet Custody

You guard and care for your pet — your furry companion is a living being and proper care is a guardian’s legal and ethical obligation. Pets are an important part of your life. When a relationship¬†comes to an end,¬†you may be left struggling with the decision of who will get to keep your pet – […]

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Companion Animals & Domestic Violence

According to Carlisle-Frank & Flanagan, 2006, victims of domestic violence report that animal abuse incidents coincided with acts of violence against family members over 50% of the time. Meaning, it is common for those who face domestic violence to also witness the abuse of their pets. Tragically, pets are physically abused, intimidated, and sometimes killed […]

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Animal Welfare

Animal law encompasses all traditional legal practice areas including torts, contracts, criminal law, trusts & estates, family, and property law to name but a few. Although many disputes may involve an animal, a case will involve animal welfare specifically if for example, increased protection for the animal is a component of the case or, if […]

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