Child and Family Investigator (CFI)

You have kids. You’re getting divorced. Keep this in mind…

Divorce is difficult for everyone.  Parents make it even harder on their kids when they continue fighting or pointing fingers in blame.  When parents can’t communicate with each other in a healthy way, the kids suffer.  If parents can’t speak directly for one reason or another, communication through a professional intermediary may become necessary.  Kids […]

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Divorce & Children with Disabilities

When parents who have a special needs child divorce, it is imperative that the new routine and environment meets the unique special needs of the child.  For example, frequent changes or transitions between homes may be especially detrimental for a child who has a difficult time dealing with disruptions to her regular routine.  A well thought out […]

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Child Welfare

Child Welfare includes a variety of issues and case types (Domestic Relations, Dependency & Neglect/PRNP, Juvenile Delinquency, Adoption).  In Gabriela’s current practice, she focuses on domestic relations cases where she serves as a Child and Family Investigator (CFI).  Divorce, separation and disputes regarding allocation of parental responsibilities are stressful events.  In addition to coping with […]

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