The CFI – my new best friend?

Nearly every parent involved in parental responsibility litigation wants to make a good impression upon the Child & Family Investigator appointed in their case.  However, the CFI is not, cannot be, and will not become your new best friend.  The Child and Family Investigator’s role is very clear in that the CFI provides recommendations in the interest of your childThe CFI is not your representative.  She will be performing an investigation for the court, per the court’s orders.  Understandably, each parent wants the CFI’s recommendations and the judge’s order to be in his or her favor.  The CFI will make recommendations in the best interest of your child based upon her investigation and professional opinion after meeting your family, speaking with collaterals and completing the investigation.  That said, there are some things you can and should do to be as prepared as possible for the CFI’s investigation:  Listen carefully to and be honest with your lawyer – even if you have some concerns.  Set aside the time to complete the CFI’s intake forms and related paperwork.  Be honest and cooperative with the CFI – refusing to make evidence and requested documentation available, canceling appointments, failure to provide signed releases of information or payment in a timely manner only make things more difficult (for you, mostly!).  Be respectful – the CFI knows that an investigation into your family and life isn’t exactly your idea of fun.  CFIs perform their role because they are passionate about helping children and families.