What is a CLR?

The Child’s Legal Representative (CLR) is an attorney in a domestic relations case, appointed to represent the child’s best interests (as opposed to the child’s wishes – although, as a rule – I think the child’s wishes should be expressed to the court unless there are special circumstances indicating otherwise).   The CLR does not file a report or testify as a witness.  The CLR does conduct an investigation in an effort to determine what the best interests of the children are.  The CLR will develop her position once the investigation is complete and will participate in the hearings and at trial by preparing opening and closing statements, filing motions, presenting evidence and calling or examining witnesses.  In addition to being present and/or participating in hearings,  the CLR will be present for and participate in conferences where the children will be discussed.  The specific duties of the CLR are specified in the order of appointment. Typical duties include representation regarding parental responsibilities, parenting time, and/or child property.  If the CLR deems appropriate, the CLR will also participate in an appeal.  Contact the CLR directly to learn about her retainer and fee.