CO Marijuana Law: Important Info. for Parents

Although it is now legal for adults (21 and over) to purchase and consume marijuana, that doesn’t mean you can smoke weed without potentially devastating consequences.  Responsibility is key.  Marijuana is regulated and some people still can’t smoke it legally in this state (including people under 21 and people on probation).  Just like alcohol or prescription medications — legal doesn’t equal best idea.  Alcohol abuse and dependence can exclude an otherwise appropriate and loving parent from having parenting time or decision-making authority.  Same goes for legal and regulated prescription medications.  It’s no different for marijuana now that it too is legal.  Word to the wise:  safe and responsible parenting is done when a parent is sober.   Model smart decision-making for your children and keep adult-only activities where they belong.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with marijuana related laws and regulations.