Quality Time

As you already know, playing with and spending quality time with your kids is essential to the relationship you create with them.  It is also essential for their cognitive and emotional development in many ways.  This will mean different things depending on their ages but children and youth of all ages need this time with you.  Regardless of your schedule, you need to set time aside everyday for just you and your kids.  If you have more than one child, it is also important to set special time aside for each child individually.  This can be more challenging when parents separate but it can be done!  Even if you don’t see your kids everyday, your efforts to make the most of the time you do spend together will be more meaningful and memorable.  Get creative with your ideas.  Think about what fun and/or educational activities you will both enjoy.  The changing seasons offer up a great variety of things to do – think of starting your own unique traditions!  What developmentally appropriate projects can you start (and finish) together?  Can you take day trips?  Plant a vegetable garden (may be a great way to encourage kids to eat fresh veggies!), do puzzles, write stories together, fly a kite at the park, pack a picnic and enjoy trips to the playground.  For older kids, find out what they’re into and visit the local museums, catch a play, enjoy the outdoors, sports, cooking – the list goes on!